DITTER PLASTIC® Automation is a rapidly growing branch of the company to design and build equipment for the automated manufacturing of component assemblies. Automated assembly lines merge plastic products and other parts such as metal housings, electrical or electronic components into finished products.

Taking advantage of the in-house mould assembly facilities, DITTER PLASTIC® Automation develops automatic pick-and-place systems for purpose-built workpiece carriers and multi-component assembly tools. Laser etching and precision mechanics, such as systems to lubricate parts with precise lube amounts in the milligram range, are an integrated part of the process as well as function and visual tests in 2D and 3D, torque and free movement tests, electrical tests and visual inspections with camera systems.


Video: Fully automatic injection moulding and product handling
Video: Fully automatic lubrication system
Video: Fully automatic handling of electrical inserts
Video: Fully automatic pre-assembly with metal screws