With the know-how of „Kunstharzpresserei Udo Ditter“,  a well-established local resin pressing plant, DITTER PLASTIC® was founded 1947 at Zell am Harmersbach in Germany’s famous black forest region. Committed not only to precision and quality, but also to the development of innovative manufacturing and assembling technologies, the company has built up a world-wide reputation and customer base for advanced plastic products. DITTER PLASTIC® is now firmly established in many key industries including aerospace and aviation, automotive manufacturing, electrical engineering and electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics, general engineering, medical technology, precision engineering, lighting and optics.



Udo Ditter`s synthetic resin pressing plant was founded in Zell am Harmersbach.


The company was relocated to Haslach im Kinzigtal, Breitestr.1, Plant 1.


The company founder Udo Ditter was killed in an accident.


The company was taken over by the founder’s son R. Ditter as managing director / owner.

Turnover of approximately 3 mio DM with 120 employees.


A new location (Plant 2) was bought in Haslach, Hausacher Straße 21.

Plant 2 was expanded.


DITTER PLASTIC Meißen GmbH in Meißen / Saxony was founded. Formerly nationally-owned company (VEB) Plastics and Elastomers. Original company was founded in 1900.


Plant 2 was expanded: A new administration building and a high-rack warehouse were built.


The complete surface technology processes such as printing / painting / laser etching and module assembly were relocated to Hausach, Hinterer Bahnhof 7-13 (Plant 3).

Plant 3 was expanded.


Plant 4 was expanded.


Plant 1: A training centre was established.

The professions trained for are toolmaker, process technician (plastic machine setter) and mechatronics technician.


DITTER PLASTIC Meißen GmbH was moved to Coswig / Neusörnewitz as a consequence of the Elbe floods.


Plant 3 is expanded with a new assembly hall.

Plant Neusörnewitz: New premises with an area of 65,000 m² (sqm) were bought from Siemens VEB Elektrowärme.


A new dispatch warehouse was built at Plant 3.


A new design and simulation software (Catia and Moldflow) was implemented.


Plant 2: A new department for special machines and automatisation was established.


A new logistic warehouse was built at Plant 3.


A building was bought at Plant 3 and developed as an assembly hall.(To extend the assembly department a new building was bought at Plant 3.)


Plant 3: A waste gas purification plant was installed for the painting line.


Plant 2: The headquarters was extended by 2 storeys.

Plant 3: New premises with an area of 15,000 m² (sqm) were bought to extend the injection moulding department and the parking lot facility.

Plant 1 and Neusörnewitz: An investment was made in 3 milling centres with 5-axis-technology.


Neusörnewitz: Hall 1 was modified to increase the injection moulding capacity.

Investment was made in a new injection moulding machine: 1-shot machine with 15,000 kN clamping force for parts up to a weight of 14,000 g. New premises with an area of 15,000 m² (sqm) were bought for a logistic centre.

Plant 3: A CO2 pre-cleaning system was put into operation at the painting line.


Plant 2: Investment was made in new injection moulding machines: 3-shot machine with 6,000 kN / 600 t clamping force, 2-shot machine with 2,200 kN / 220 t clamping force and 1-shot machine with 3,500 kN / 350 t clamping force. nstallation of additional crane runways.

Plant 1: The tool shop was equipped with an air conditioning system.

Plant 3: A highly sophisticated assembly line was installed for module units.

Investment was made in new injection moulding machines: 3-shot machine with 3,500 kN / 350 t clamping force and 2-shot machine with 2,500 kN / 250 t clamping force.

Neusörnewitz: Investment was made in a new injection moulding machine: 2-shot machine with 2500 kN / 250 t clamping force

Surface treatment technology was extended with UV-coating. The colour laboratory was equipped with a climate chamber.


Neusörnewitz: Inbetriebnahme einer eigenerstellten UV-Beschichtungsanlage

Werk 3: Ausbau der modularen Automatisierungstechnik


UMichigan, USA: A new sales office was opened in Grand Rapids in order to open up new market opportunities. Besides the US market, we also want to target the Mexico and South America market.


A milestone in car audio – and in the history of plastics: Becker Mexico with elaborate foil technology
A timeless design piece: Clock housing