TOP-Innovator 2017

DITTER PLASTIC honored for innovation leader in the mid-sized sector

This year DITTER PLASTIC GmbH + Co KG is part of the innovational leaders in the mid-sized business sector. Ranga Yogeshwar, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and compamedia honored the company with the 24th TOP 100 Logo. In the independent selection process the company convinced especially in the categories “innovational success” and “top management promoting innovation”.

Excerpt of the TOP 100 – innovation balance

The innovation management of the DITTER PLASTIC GmbH + Co KG

was overall rated “A+”.
(the average rating TOP 100 is “A”)

Companies with an “A” rating have an unusual professional innovation management – also measured internationally. Companies with this rating set benchmarks. The probability of future innovation success is very high. DITTER PLASTIC GmbH + Co KG lies within the Top 10 of this year’s TOP 100 innovation contest in the categories “top management promoting innovating”, “innovation climate” and “innovational processes and organization”.

The innovation balance shows, that DITTER PLASTIC GmbH + Co KG is a company, which takes innovation serious. The differences to average mid-sized companies are large and striking.


TOP 100: the competition

Since 1993 compamedia awards the TOP 100 Logo to mid-sized companies for special innovative strength and over average innovative success. Since 2002 the scientific leadership lies in the hands of Prof. Nikolaus Franke. Franke is the founder and chairman of the institute for entrepreneurship and innovation of the Vienna University of Economic Sciences and visiting researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With 18 research awards and over 200 publications, he is part of the internationally leading innovation scientists. Mentor of TOP 100 is the science journalist and TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar. Project partner are the Frauenhofer Society for support of applied research and the business association BVMW. As media partner, manager magazine accompanies the comparison of companies. More info at

Hausach site: Two new production halls

DITTER PLASTIC continues to invest in the future. Two new production halls with more than 75.000 square feet of space are currently under construction at the Hausach site, close to the company’s headquarters at Haslach im Kinzigtal. A new private access road for easy loading of the DITTER PLASTIC products has already been completed, along with a new parking area for visitors and staff members, with a capacity of 120 cars.

Building of retaining wall in calendar week 21Building of retaining wall in calendar week 21DITTER PLASTIC´s own access road to the new logistic center with parking spaces for employees

DITTER GOES WEST – New chance in the new world

With the opening of a sales office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA,  we would like to open up new market opportunities. This decision was made after a long and thorough consideration.
The decisive factors were the attractive options, which the US market offers, especially for suppliers in the automotive sector. We like to participate in this dynamic growth development with a direct sales network.
The leap over the Atlantic Ocean allows us to target not only the US market, but the Mexican and South American markets as well. We put great trust in our proven and sustained competitive strength and count on our attractive offer of manufacturing technology and quality made in Germany.

Tool Shop: New Spark Erosion Center

DITTER PLASTIC invested in a state-of-the-art Spark Erosion Center in early 2016.
The new center contains two erosion machines with two connected electrode racks and a changer for several work piece pallets. The complete machine structure is linked with the internal CAM system network.


Expansion of the Machine Outfit

At DITTER PLASTIC in Haslach / Hausach, the machine outfit was expanded with 5 new injection moulding machines including automation and peripherals in early 2016. Investments were made in the 160 ton 2 component class with 6 axis robot, 220 ton 3 component class with linear robot, 220 ton 2 component class with linear robot and roundtable automation.


New projects with hot stamping, laser welding and ultrasonic welding

DITTER PLASTIC has acquired new projects for which complex technologies such as hot stamping, laser and ultrasonic welding will be integrated into the assembly process.DITTER PLASTIC has acquired new projects for which complex technologies such as hot stamping, laser and ultrasonic welding will be integrated into the assembly process.

New projects from customers

3 component injection moulding parts made on a 3K/600t injection moulding machineComfort climate control unit for Audi Q7UV-painted control elements

Development projects in the areas ball and thin wall injection moulding

Developments were made in the area of thin wall injection moulding for door strips for automotive with a material thickness of 0,4mm. In addition, another development project was realized with injection moulded balls. For special applications plastic balls are used for their low weight and chemical resistance depending on the plastic type.


PVD Coating – two layer PVD coating in high gloss chrome visual appearance

An alternative to galvanized chrome effect is a PVD coating. In the past a PVD coating could only be realized with a three layer build-up. In the past, the demanding requirements could not be met without the protective clear coat paint. Currently, there are developments to realize PVD coatings with two layers. DITTER PLASTIC will participate in these developments.


Insert moulding of cables for the sun visor axle

DITTER PLASTIC has a patented process that ensures process capability for moulding around electrical cables without melting the insulation thereby eliminating the risk of a short circuit. The process prevents the cables from floating to the part surface and eliminates burred edges at the cable exit.


Planned new construction for the Hausach and Coswig/Neusörnewitz locations

DITTER PLASTIC will invest further this year in the expansion of buildings. Two additional production buildings will be built at the Hausach location with a total of approx. 7.000 m² (80.000 sq ft) with an access road and a parking lot for 120 cars.
At the Coswig/Neusörnewitz location a new building with approx. 4.000 m² (45.000 sq ft) will be built to expand the tool shop.

CAMcarbon NASA Langley researchers

NASA Langley researchers designed an built a battery-powered, 10-engine remotely piloted aircraft. The "Greased Lightning GL-10" prototype has a 10-foot wingspan and can take off like a helicopter and fly efficiently like an airplane. In this video, engineers successfully transition the plan from hover to wing-borne flight in tests at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia.

Video clip ...